Hey, I'm Nikki.

I have worked in accounting for 9 years with my family (taxes...the worst, I know) and while I am good with numbers, I really enjoy my creativity side. I got a camera when I had my daughter in 2009 but I didn’t realize how much I loved photography until I went L.A.R.P.ing. For those who don't know what L.A.R.P is, it stands for Live Action Role Playing. There are many different LARPs from Fantasy settings with Elves and Hobbits to modern settings with zombies and vampires, even futuristic ones with lasers and force fields. I took photos at events and learned to edit them and after uploading some photos and seeing people share them, I realized how happy photography made me!

Fast forward to now, I am shooting portraits, weddings, and fantasy but one day I would love to move into boudoir. Photography is my favorite way to look upon the world, to show others a different view, and I will never stop striving to improve. 

My Mission:

I want to give my clients an amazing experience beyond the camera and show them how magical they truly are.


Random Facts About Me

  • I have had 4 major surgeries in my life that have left me with my beautiful scars, which are a great conversation starter by the way ;)
  • My husband and I have two wedding anniversaries that are a year and two days apart (court house and big renaissance wedding )
  • I have a gorgeous daughter whose imagination knows no bounds
  • I own 50 sq ft of land in Scotland, conferring the actual royal title of Lady
  • Matt Smith is my favorite doctor (Check out Doctor Who if you haven't already, I highly recommend it)
  • I prefer Marvel over DC but I am obsessed with the DC Pin Ups
  • I have two tattoos and I'm designing more for the future
  • I can sing (badly) all the words to Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog Soundtrack
  • I love board games and tabletop RPGS
  • I dream of one day attending a masquerade ball